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Did you know that voice controlled locks or locks that can detect your entry and open automatically are no longer the stuff of science fiction? In fact, many modern keyless locks are now priced very reasonably and Town Center Locksmith Shop gets a lot of requests from people in Gillette, NJ who want to try them out. If you are planning to replace the locks on your property with newer models, don’t look further than our change locks service. We have been installing high-security locks – of all shapes and sizes – in the community for close to a decade. We are professionals, our services are reasonably priced and we carry locks from the biggest brands in the country. Town Center Locksmith Shop Gillette, NJ 908-533-9203

When do you need a new lock?

You may need a new lock in many different scenarios. The most common ones we encounter are people wanting broken locks replaced with newer models and people changing their locks as a security precaution after a break in attempt. Sometimes you don’t need a new lock – it’s enough to get the old ones rekeyed. In these cases, you can call our locksmiths over for a free consultation. We will check your locks to see if they qualify for a rekey procedure. We only recommend our change locks service when necessary. 

Professional fitting and changing locks service

It’s important that you get a professional to replace your locks – you can’t afford to have a faulty installation, as it can put your family and your possessions at risk. Town Center Locksmith Shop’s locksmiths are experienced professionals that have many years of experience installing locks. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, all the year round – even during the holidays. We also use cutting-edge locksmithing tools for our jobs, which makes it easy for us to fit and change locks. 

Our method:

Step 1: After you call our customer representative, we will send a team over to your location within 30 minutes, in most cases.
Step 2: We can then take a look at your locks. If they need to be fixed, we can do that. If they need to be replaced, we can do that too. 
Step 3: We give you a list of recommendations that match your budget.  
Step 4: We remove your old lock, without causing damage to your door, and replace it with a new one. 
Step 5: We carry out extensive tests to make sure the lock is working as it should. 

Call us on 908-533-9203 for our locks change service today!