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Do you want to evict your tenants because they haven’t paid rent for a while or because they are being wantonly destructive with your property? You can have them evicted with the help of a court order and an officer of the law. If your tenants won’t open their doors, you can contact Town Center Locksmith Shop for help. We are a professional eviction locksmith service operating in Gillette, NJ. We can open the door for you – without harming the lock or the door in any way. After the tenants have been evicted, we’re also available for lock rekey and replacement services. We have a reputation for being a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective locksmith. You can rely on our locksmiths to behave professionally while on the job. 

The right eviction procedure:Town Center Locksmith Shop Gillette, NJ 908-533-9203

Town Center Locksmith Shop or any other eviction locksmith service can’t let you inside your property unless you have a court order with you, and have a police officer at hand. Without both of these items, it’s illegal for us to open your property door or to rekey or replace locks. However, if you have made the necessary arrangements already, you can call us and we’ll send a locksmith over to your location in as little as thirty minutes. Our locksmiths are experienced professionals and are familiar with a range of locks – we won’t have trouble with your lock, no matter its make or model. 

Enhance your security after an eviction

Tenants, after they have been evicted, sometimes revisit properties to cause damage as revenge. If you want to avoid a situation like that, we recommend you get your locks rekeyed, at the very least. You may also want to look into improving the security on your premises by installation some additional locks. 

We offer free security consultation services. We can take a look at your property and give you a list of lock recommendations that can beef up the security on your premises. We can also repair and replace old doors and garage doors, if necessary. We carry a number of high-security locks in our inventory that are very hard to force open. Our locks are suitable for a range of budgets. 

Overnight lock rekeying 

If you’re planning on letting out your property to someone new the very next day, our locksmiths can work for you overnight and rekey (or even replace) all the locks on your premises. 

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